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 The team are:

Chris Dean BSc(Hons) FCA 

After gaining an Honours degree in Agricultural Economics from Wye College (University of London) in 1978, Chris got stuck into the sharp end of the business by working on a dairy farm in Hertfordshire. A further three years training to qualify as a Chartered Accounted followed, before Chris arrived in the Farms department of Grant Thornton’s Petersfield office in 1982 as a Senior Accountant. In 1987 he took the opportunity to move to Grant Thornton’s Banbury office as Manager of the Farming and Small Businesses Department, where he remained until 1993. Since then Chris has been here, building his client base and looking after them.


Sara Adams BSc(Hons)

After leaving Seale-Hayne Agricultural College with an honours degree in Agriculture in 1987, Sara was recruited by Chris into the Agricultural department of accountants Grant Thornton, because another applicant let him down. She has worked continuously with him since then, with only 2 years off for good behaviour. You get less for murder.

Apart from not letting Chris down, Sara’s areas of expertise are being the Quickbooks helpline, offering counselling services to distressed clients, and sometimes feeding the fish.


 Angie Dean (if I have any letters, they are long forgotten)

After leaving an all girls school with a headmistress much like Mrs Thatcher, I went to agricultural college and then on to dairy farming.  The exhaustion of early mornings and short dark days eventually lead me to a soft office job.  I became an accounts clerk at Grant Thornton, then moved to doing farm book keeping. Many years down the line,  I now do this part time (enough to keep Chris happy; and pay for my hillwalking and trips to Montana and Spain)

 I must remember: I am a valuable member of the team



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